92 Days of Art: Day 2

2. Draw how the inside of your stomach looks after a big meal.

Here’s the list

Here’s my drawing


For this I used a regular sketching pencil and sketch paper.

3. Draw your idea of paradise

Check out yesterday!

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DIY hair ties!!

If you are a girl, you have most likely seen those obnoxious hair ties that are like $12 for F O U R H A I R T I E S. even though i have short hair, i saw this pin and thought I’d make some for gifts.
I saw the best tutorial on Love U Madly and wanted to see if i could actually make 80 for $12.
DRUMROLL PLEASE!/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
I made SEVENTY SIX for twelve dollars. ummm… Yes please?
-fold over elastic ( I got mine here)
Firstly, order your colors from sunshine shoppe. (link above) when they come in the mail, tear the package open and get to it! Cut them to 8 or 9 inch pieces. Then tie them around something (i used a friends wrist) that is the same size as your wrist. To avoid fraying, hold the lighter close to the edges. (but don’t let them touch!) finally, i put them on colorful cardstock and gave them cool names. YAYYYYY!! GIFTS!!!!




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92 Days of Art: Day 1

1. Draw a vase with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Here’s the list

Here’s my painting


For this i used Montana Markers. I really like them. Check it out! They are the only water based interchangeable acrylic paint markers! I absolutely love them.

2. Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach after a big meal

Check out yesterday!

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92 Days of Art: Intro

A few weeks ago, I started this art class every Saturday. I really have liked it, and they had an art expo today and yesterday that i went to. I really enjoyed it! The only problem is i have issues thinking of what to draw sometimes. I went on the Internet and found this drawing list and printed it off. I was reading it and suddenly, it hit me! I should do one of these every day! So thats what’ll happen. Every day (with some exceptions) I’ll post the drawing from that day. In the comments you can tell me if you really like it or not.

Another thing is, I am going to get popsicle sticks and write what type of media to do for the image. I think this will be a ton of fun!

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Wine Bottle: Week 3

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-puffy paint (i used gold)
-wine bottle
first, get the label off the bottle. then set on a paper towel to prevent mess. and without further adue, begin painting! i painted swirls, then when it got big, i made more and more till they all ran into each other. let dry, then let it steal the show!

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Homemade Mod Podge IN A JAR

so ive seen a bunch of DIY mod podge recipies before, but none of them got great reviews. i really didnt want to spent 15 dollars for fancy glue, so i tried my OWN recipie.
-white distilled vinegar
-elmers or liquid glue
-jar or container with airtight lid
first, pour a new bottle of glue into your jar. (yes, the whole thing.) then, to make sure mesurements are right, fill the empty glue bottle with water then pour in jar. THIS ALONE WILL NOT WORK. next, i added two tablespoons of flour, stirred, then one tablespoon of vinegar. then add more water if too sticky, more flour if too runny, and more glue if too softish. stir with a spoon or paintbrush until bubbling to a sort, then put on lid and let sit. after about five minutes, its ready for use! i know it works because i used it for the label! so this rounded up to about EIGHTY NINE CENTS. yes.


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Acrylic paint on glass…

if you have a pinterest, im SURE you have seen this one.
-acrylic paint
-something glass
-paper towels
*acrylic paint is super cheep, i got a 8 bottles for 60 cents each at micheals.

make sure the glass is clean first, then you can pour a small amount of your color into the container. if it has a small opening, pour some in and hold a folded papertowel over the top and move around. if not, then you can paint it with a brush or not. figure out what you like. let dry, and you can use for decorations together. enjoy!


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