In-a-jar: Pink me up!

This is the best gift ever. i wish i was my friend so i could give this to myself.
you can use a glass jar or a pretty basket!! i used this old glass jar…
it is so cute because almost all the stuff was pink, so i tied on a pink bow, a black bow, and some pink cardstock that said: “just a PINK me up!”
for this, i used (all travel size/mini)
-pomegranite face mask
-acne face wash
-clips&bobby pins
-nail polish
-nail file
-cotton balls
-lip gloss
-polish remover
-hand sanitizer
-q tips
some other ideas:
-candy with pink wraper
-pink pen or pencil
-pink shirt or yoga pants
-small giftcard (starbucks?)
-cute pink headphones
-iphone case

the possibilities are endless! this is so funto recieve too! i think ill have more “in a jar” themes….



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