Wine bottle: week 1

So every werk from now on, i am going to post a “wine bottle craft of the week” and “horriable pins of the week”
if you havent seen the first messed up pins, go check it out!
im sure you all will LOVE this pin like i did.
-glass stones(large are better)
-hot glue
-wine bottle(s)
-xmas lights (optional)
-glitter (optional)
****remember to take off the label
to kick this off, i just started hot glueing on the stones. i had a really tall bottle, and not enough stones… so i used glitter and mod podge to cover the top. but cover it as much or little as you think you need! i even think a dezign would be cool…. might have to try that soon. i just put the stones on one by one, and used some small ones i had as fillers. hope you guys liked this week!!
GLITTER Wine Bottles!!!

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2 Responses to Wine bottle: week 1

  1. Mandi says:

    Dear Blogger, I absolutly love your site! You have great quality writing and you have great ideas, too! Always keep pinning!!

  2. sarah says:

    I love this! Great job!

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