Homemade makeup?!?

i made this for a costume, so you can alter it to fit what you want.
-groun cinnimon
-cupcake liner
-powder brush or puff
i used 1/3 of a cup cornstarch and only a small amount of cinnimon, but i suggest that if you arent planning on being effie trinket anytime soon, you add more cinnimon. you cen even make a bumch to go in a mason jar for a gift! just get the skin tone right…
i put mine in a cute cupcake liner with a makeup puff on top. you can be so creative with the packing, though!



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2 Responses to Homemade makeup?!?

  1. elainemokk says:

    Is this a powder or a bronzer o: ?! Or can it be both LOL

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