HORRIBLE pins: week 1


in case you have not caught on, every week i am going to post a wine bottle craft and horrible pin reviews. hope you enjoy!
so this wasnt horrible, but it didnt work.
i wanted to try the peppermint candy tray, where you put the candies on a cookie sheet and bake them. it kind of worked but never really dried. to get it off the tray all i had to do was pour warm water on it.
this pin=dog poop
so i saw a cute pin with a butterfly on it that said it had all these clay and dough recipies. i wanted to try this other pin that needed clay, but i didnt want to buy it. i tried bakers clay 1, and followed all the directions. i got goo all over me and something that felt like dog crap.
so if you have seen a pin lately on rock candy in a tray that drys in one hour and can be cracked an put in a dish, it DOES NOT WORK. AT ALL. i used the ingreedents and followed the directions, and let it sit for two hours longer than it needed. then i even let it sit in the freezer for a while and NOTHING. dont try this.

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