Glitter State!!


-blank cutout of your state, FLIPPED
-spray adhesive
-mod podge
-curved edge cookie sheet
first, go on the internet and find a blank cutout of your state. paste it onto word, and flip it. now print.
when you are cutting out the state, it dosent have to be perfect. dont be too OCD about all the details.
now, with the state the right way and the black outline on the back, put on a small cookie sheet with curved edges. using a paintbrush, cover in mod podge. (do it your way but dont get crazy) then, POUR THAT GLITTER!! (get crazy.) make sure that you have the whole thing covered.
now, you need to go in your garage and spray the whole thing with spray adheasive.(use gloves!) you can then press onto your choice of cardstock. i chose pink.
you can cut the paper to whatever size you want and put any kind of backing on it.
if you want, you can get the color paint that you used in glitter and a sponge. put the paint on the sponge and press all over the paper.




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