Flour paint!

This is a tutorial on how to make thicker paint. Believe it or not I created this recipe myself. (Don’t judge me)
-any color paint
-mess gloves
-spray adhesive
First you need to get the bowl and mix the flour and the paint. i used blue paint for the wine bottle and one of the glasses. If you do not want a texture like grass, use 1 tablespoon of flour to 2 tablespoons of paint. that is what I did for the bottles. For making grass covered Styrofoam balls, use 2 tablespoons of flour to 2 tablespoons of paint.
Mix thoroughly.
Now is the time to paint . Get your surface and lay out newspaper. for the blue paint I used I also mixed in glitter.
This paint makes a very cool texture, and if you want Grass texture, they look great.
Now, get your paint brush unless you’re using grass textured. for grass, you need to use your hands. (sorry!) paint the surface. these liike great as candle holders!
when done, go outside and spray with spray adhesive. wear your gloves!!
leave to dry.
wait about 6 hours.





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