crepe paper ROSES!

ok. i was on pinterest (big suprise) and i found this crepe paper rose tutorial. The first thing i thought of were the two extra rolls of streamers i had from a suprise party!!! They suggested that you put the roses in toothpicks and stick them in Styrofoam balls, but since I’m so cheap and didn’t want to pay seven dollars for a Styrofoam ball, I made my own.
-hot glue
-crepe paper (at least 2 rolls)
-an old vase (optional)
– paint of your choice (if you have vase)
-styrfoam packing paper or ball

first, you need to make the styrofoam ball if you didnt buy one. get the packing paper on hand, just about 2 peices, and ball it up. you want the bottom to have some sticking out so it sticks in the vase, so thats where the end goes. you can hot glue it into place. you also need the main part to be smooth.
when you have that in place, you can paint the vase. you nee to paint it so you cant see the white ugly part. if you do not have a vase, you can roll a peice of paper into a cone shape and tape the inside. i chose to paint my vase green. REMEMBER: ONLY PAINT THE INSIDE!! i also painted a white heart on the outside.
now you can start the roses. you need the toothpicks, crepe paper and hot glue now.
to start, fold the begining of the streamer (about 2 feet or less) in half. then start rolling it, with the folded side making the top. every once in a while, twist it for a messier look. when you get to the end, hot glue it to itself. then, stick a toothpick in your styrfoam ball and put hot glue on the tip. RIGHT AWAY put the rose on the toothpick. repeat until covered, leaving about an inch at the bottom for the vase.
Now, when the vase is dry, put the flower bouquet in the vase and place in the middle of your grandest table!!





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