wedding map gift!

okay. so i am a pinterest ADDICT. i seriously could decorate my entire house in one pinterest sitting. on here, i’ll post the pinterest things i do.the first one i will do is a map thing i made for my brothers wedding! this website has every state’s map in printable form! i printed kentucky and new jersey.



-heart stickers or red sharpie

-colored paper


-two states that they are from

-black sharpie


-elmers glue


first, you need to print the states you need and cut them out. since my brother is fron KY and his fiancee is from NJ, those are the ones i printed.

next, you need to cut out the states. its alright if you are off a little.

then, i cut a peice of blue cardstock to 8 1/2 x 6 1/2. just make sure you can fit the states and some words around it.

you can really make the paper as big as you want it, but i wouldn’t do smaller that6x8. my backing (i used framing matboard) was 9 1/2x 7 1/2.

now you need the colored sharpie or heart sticker. you can draw a heart if you don’t have the sticker. find what city they were both from, and put the heart as close as you can to the city.

now, you need to glue the states on. put them however you want, but leave room for words!

after you have glued them on, i wrote the words. i put

“just a boy from kentucky and a girl from new jersey”

just put the states in where theyre from! then put it in the frame or glue it to the backing!


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